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              Y48 series of vibration to the hopper (X)


              Y48 series of vibration to the hopper (X)

              The vibration of the hopper is my plant development and production of a new silo to the feeding device, its features are: the role of the eccentric vibration motors, the direction is strong in the horizontal vibration, the vibration transmitted through the spherical body activation disk devices, spherical activator to the level of excitation is decomposed into normal force and tangential force, normal force showed a radiation-type point materials, and materials delivered to the deep, thus eliminating the phenomenon of bagging material within the hopper (the broken arch effect), so that the same material as the continuous water discharged from the exit. Such as the cessation of unloading (ie, gate function).
              Advantages: 1. Broken arch good performance.
              2. Can eliminate the different particle size, proportion of mixture of different materials into the hopper in a segregation.
              3. Compact and reliable.
              4. Smooth operation, low noise.
              5. Saving energy, low power consumption.
              6. Long life, maintenance workload of the small.
              7. Regulate a wide range of productivity.
              8. Wide applicability.
              9. Protecting environment.

              Y48 series of vibration to the hopper (Y)

              This product is suitable for loose or contain a certain adhesion of the powder with water, granular, small block of material to feed it with the smooth discharge of materials, will not take the place of performance arch. To the feeding amount adjusted, noise, good sealing performance, simple structure, reliable and flexible layout, low power consumption. Direct Discharge of type Ⅰ, side discharge type Ⅱ, Ⅰ A, Ⅱ A for the less liquid materials such as sand, pieces of coal and so on. Ⅰ B, Ⅱ B-type lock is good for liquid materials, such as new sand.

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